Bliss from Blessings


Keepin’ it Movin’ Steve Ping will be having a community event “Bliss from Blessings 2” in Somerset, Kentucky. During this event we will be giving away 1000 new bicycles to the children in Pulaski, Wayne, Russell, Lincoln, Casey & Wayne counties. The name of the event defines the goal that we are trying to accomplish. It is a Blissful time for children made possible by the blessings others have received. This event is not intended for any particular income range, race, or religion. It’s simply an event to create a blissful atmosphere to encourage our communities. “KEEPIN IT MOVIN” Steve Ping along with our partners which consist of local businesses, churches, organizations and individuals have put our resources together to make this event possible.

We have embossed Golden vouchers to distribute to each child that will receive a bicycle. Each certificate will be marked with the size of bike, gender and appointed time to pick up the bicycle. The vouchers are being distributed by the family resource departments of each school system as well as local churches, Housing Authority and local organizations. In addition to each child receiving a new bicycle, they will also receive a new bicycle helmet to ensure a safer experience.

“Bliss from Blessings” will take place at Somerset Christian School 815 Grande Central Blvd. Somerset, Ky 42503 (9:00am- 7:00pm). Upon registration at the event each child will be accompanied by a Kentucky State Trooper, police officer or emergency response personnel to give the child a positive experience with those who serve our communities. We hope this will leave a lasting positive impression on each child.

There will be no tickets available to give away the day of the event. Each child must be accompanied by their parent or guardian, complete the registration and present a voucher to receive a bicycle. Bicycles must be claimed the day of the event.

This event was birthed in the heart of Steve & Priscilla Ping, Founder & Owner of Cumberland Machinery Movers & Industrial Services Inc., over twenty years ago, though Steve is no longer with us, this event is a start to bringing their vision to fruition. It is our hope that these bicycles will be a seed in each heart that will teach benevolence to each child as well as our community.


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